Elara Kestrel

Elara Kestrel, CEO of Best in Hood and a seasoned health and digital marketing expert, brings over 20 years of industry experience to her role. With an MBA in Digital Marketing from Stanford and a background in health communications from UC Berkeley, she excels in creating authentic, impactful content. Her expertise in content editing and commitment to promoting local businesses shine through in every article, ensuring readers receive trustworthy, insightful information.


With over two decades in the industry, I’ve honed my skills as a content editor, ensuring that every piece resonates with its intended audience. While my primary focus is on content editing, my passion for health and wellness shines through in the projects I undertake. As the CEO of Best in Hood, I’m dedicated to connecting consumers with the best local businesses. I believe in the power of genuine content, innovative digital strategies, and the potential of local enterprises. Let’s collaborate and make our local communities thrive!


Content Editor & CEO at Best In Hood

  • Duration: 2018 – 2023 (Present)
  • Responsibilities: Overseeing content quality, leading content strategies, fostering partnerships with local health and wellness businesses, and ensuring the platform’s growth and success.

Content Strategist at CityGems Marketing Agency

  • Duration: 2018 – 2023 (Present)
  • Responsibilities: Developed and executed content strategies for top-tier clients, mentored junior content creators, and played a pivotal role in increasing agency revenue through quality content.

Director of Health Content at MedInsights

  • Duration: 2010 – 2018
  • Responsibilities: Led a team to produce and review medical content, collaborated with healthcare professionals, and ensured content accuracy and relevance.

Medical Researcher at HealthPulse Institute

  • Duration: 2003 – 2010
  • Responsibilities: Conducted extensive medical research, published multiple peer-reviewed articles, and contributed to advancements in patient care.


Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Digital Marketing

  • Institution: Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Duration: 1996 – 2000

Bachelor’s in Health Communications & Marketing

  • Institution: University of California, Berkeley
  • Duration: 2001 – 2003


Advanced Content Editing Techniques

  • Institution: Harvard Business School Online
  • Year: 2022

Leadership & Content Management Certification

  • Institution: Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Year: 2020

Advanced Medical Writing & Communication

  • Institution: Harvard Medical School
  • Year: 2015

Healthcare Leadership & Management

  • Institution: Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Year: 2017


Certified Content Editor (CCE)

  • Issuing Organization: Content Editing Institute
  • Year: 2021

Content Marketing Certification

  • Issuing Organization: HubSpot Academy
  • Year: 2020

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

  • Issuing Organization: National Commission for Health Education Credentialing
  • Year: 2004

Medical Writing Certification

  • Issuing Organization: American Medical Writers Association
  • Year: 2008


  • Content Editing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Medical Research
  • Health Advocacy
  • Article Review & Production
  • Team Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Health Communication
  • Data Analysis
  • Patient Education
  • Medical Writing

Elara Kestrel