Thorne Savarin

Thorne Savarin, Senior Food & Meal Editor at Best In Hood, brings a seasoned palate with over 15 years of culinary experience. From his early days as a chef at Le Gourmet to his insightful reviews as a food critic for Culinary Weekly, Thorne has a keen eye for uncovering unique neighborhood flavors. His expertise ranges from street food discoveries to gourmet dining, ensuring readers get a taste of the best local eats.

About Thorne Savarin

Thorne Savarin is the Senior Food & Meal Editor at Best In Hood, where he brings over 15 years of culinary experience to the table. From sizzling street food to gourmet dining, Thorne covers it all. His mission? To dig in and discover the flavors that make each neighborhood unique.


Senior Food & Meal Editor, BestInHood

2019 – Present

As the Senior Food & Meal Editor, Thorne oversees all food-related content on BestInHood. He collaborates with local eateries, leads a team of food writers, and ensures that each review captures the essence of the dining experience.

Food Critic, Culinary Weekly

2012 – 2019

Thorne spent seven years as a food critic at Culinary Weekly, where he reviewed restaurants and wrote feature articles on emerging food trends.

Chef, Le Gourmet

2006 – 2012

Before stepping into the world of food writing, Thorne managed the kitchen at Le Gourmet, a high-end restaurant. He designed menus, trained staff, and ensured customer satisfaction.

Education & Certifications

  • Culinary Arts Degree, Culinary Institute of America (2001 – 2005)
  • Certified Cicerone, Cicerone Certification Program (2017)
  • Certified Food Safety Manager, National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (2010)

Areas of Expertise

  • Catering and Food Delivery
  • Drinks, Bars, and Pubs
  • Specialty Cuisine
  • Food Specialty
  • Restaurant Types
Thorne Savarin