Nerdy Things to Do in Los Angeles: 10 Picks for Geeks

Discover the ultimate guide to nerdy things to do in Los Angeles. From comic book stores to gaming cafes, explore our top 10 picks for geeks.

Nerdy Things to Do in Los Angeles: Our Top 10 Picks for Geeks

Los Angeles isn’t just about Hollywood glam and sunny beaches; it’s a paradise for nerds looking for adventure and intellectual stimulation. From exploring cutting-edge science museums to attending pop culture conventions, LA offers a unique blend of activities that cater to the geek in everyone. Whether you’re into nerdy comics, technology, or stargazing, this city has something to spark your curiosity and keep you entertained, offering the opportunity to visit and explore all these things. And let’s not forget the treasure trove of bookstores and quirky cafes where you can dive into your favorite fantasy world. With so much to discover, we’ve rounded up our top picks for nerdy things to do in Los Angeles that promise an unforgettable experience. Scroll down for reviews that will guide your next geeky getaway!

1. Visit the Griffith Observatory for a celestial experience

visit the griffith observatory for a celestial experience

Griffith Observatory stands as a must-visit for anyone looking to dive into the cosmos without leaving the ground. This iconic Los Angeles landmark offers more than just a peek through powerful telescopes; it’s an immersive experience that connects visitors with the vastness of the universe.

Marvel at stunning views of Los Angeles, stretching out beneath you like a vast, twinkling carpet. The observatory’s unique vantage point also provides unparalleled views of the iconic Hollywood sign, making it a perfect spot for memorable photos.

The observatory is not just about what you can see outside but also what lies within. Interactive exhibits abound, offering insights into complex astronomical concepts in ways that are easy to understand and engage with. Whether you’re curious about black holes, fascinated by the solar system, or intrigued by the mechanisms of time, there’s something here to capture your imagination.

For those seeking an even deeper dive into space exploration, attending a live show at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium is akin to boarding a spacecraft. These shows blend cutting-edge technology with compelling storytelling to create an immersive journey through space, from visiting distant galaxies to exploring our own solar system.

2. Explore the California Science Center, home to the Space Shuttle Endeavour

explore the california science center home to the space shuttle endeavour

At the heart of Los Angeles, the California Science Center offers a unique journey into the cosmos with its star attraction, the Space Shuttle Endeavour. This marvel of engineering is displayed in all its glory, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with a real space shuttle that has journeyed beyond our atmosphere. It’s not just an exhibit; it’s an emotional experience that connects you directly to the vastness of space and human ingenuity.

Beyond this awe-inspiring spacecraft, the center immerses you in a world where science comes alive through interactive exhibits. These hands-on activities are not only fun but also educational, covering a wide range of topics from delicate ecosystems to groundbreaking human inventions. Whether you’re generating electricity through bike pedaling or exploring how tornadoes form, there’s something to spark curiosity in minds young and old.

Adding another layer to this enriching experience are the IMAX films shown at the center. With stories that transport you from the depths of the ocean to distant galaxies, these films make use of stunning visuals on massive screens. They’re more than movies; they’re portal windows into realms we can usually only dream about or see through telescopes.

3. Dive into the world of books at The Last Bookstore’s Labyrinth of Books

dive into the world of books at the last bookstores labyrinth of books

The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles is a paradise for book lovers and nerds alike. This iconic spot offers more than just rows upon rows of books; it invites visitors to dive into a labyrinth where every turn reveals something new and unexpected.

Imagine wandering through a maze-like arrangement of bookshelves, each corner presenting rare finds and used treasures waiting to be discovered. It’s not just about the books; it’s about getting lost in a world that celebrates the written word in its most tangible form.

For those who love capturing moments, The Last Bookstore provides ample opportunities with its artistic installations made entirely of books. These unique creations offer the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos, blending literature with visual art in an unforgettable way.

But there’s more to this place than meets the eye. Regularly hosting author readings, book signings, and other literary events, The Last Bookstore becomes a hub for engaging directly with the minds behind your favorite stories. It’s an opportunity to connect with authors on a personal level, gaining insights into their creative process and maybe even snagging an autographed copy as a keepsake.

4. Attend a live taping of your favorite TV show or game show

attend a live taping of your favorite tv show or game show

Los Angeles is the heart of television production, offering fans a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of their favorite shows. Being part of a live studio audience not only lets you experience the excitement firsthand but also gives you a peek into the world behind your TV screen.

Imagine sitting just feet away from celebrities, watching them perform live. This experience brings you closer to the stars than ever before, making for unforgettable memories. It’s not every day that you get to see famous personalities up close or witness how they interact off-camera. Plus, there’s always the thrilling possibility of being featured on television yourself!

Beyond the glitz and glamour, attending a live taping educates attendees about the intricate process involved in producing a TV show or game show. You’ll gain insight into everything from set design and camera work to direction and post-production editing. This knowledge deepens your appreciation for what it takes to bring entertainment into homes around the world.

5. Check out the exhibits at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

check out the exhibits at the natural history museum of los angeles county

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is a treasure trove for anyone with a keen interest in the world’s past. It houses an impressive array of exhibits, from awe-inspiring dinosaur fossils that transport you back to prehistoric times to sparkling gemstones that showcase Earth’s underground beauty.

One can’t miss the Butterfly Pavilion, where hundreds of free-flying butterflies flit around you in a carefully crafted habitat. This immersive experience not only brings you closer to nature but also educates about the life cycle and conservation efforts for these delicate creatures.

The museum goes beyond natural history; it dives deep into Los Angeles’ rich cultural heritage through interactive displays. These exhibitions are designed to engage visitors, making learning about LA’s past both fun and insightful. They highlight how the city has evolved over centuries, influenced by various cultures and communities.

6. Experience the future at the VR experiences scattered across the city

experience the future at the vr experiences scattered across the city

Los Angeles offers a unique opportunity to dive into virtual reality (VR), which is much more than just putting on a headset. You can immerse yourself in worlds that feel as real as our own, but with limitless possibilities. From fighting zombies to exploring distant planets, these VR experiences bring your wildest fantasies to life.

One of the standout features of LA’s VR scene is the chance to collaborate with friends in multiplayer adventures. Imagine being part of a team navigating through ancient ruins or solving puzzles in zero gravity—all without leaving the city. These shared experiences not only make for unforgettable memories but also strengthen bonds as you work together towards common goals.

Staying ahead of tech trends is easy with LA’s ever-evolving VR offerings. New technologies are constantly introduced, giving you early access to innovations like haptic feedback suits or ultra-realistic graphics. This means every visit can offer something new and exciting, keeping even the most avid tech enthusiasts engaged.

7. Join a themed tour of famous film and TV locations

join a themed tour of famous film and tv locations

Los Angeles, the heart of the entertainment industry, offers an exciting opportunity to step into the world of your favorite films and TV shows. Imagine walking through the same locations where iconic scenes were shot, from blockbuster movies to binge-worthy series. This unique experience isn’t just about seeing these places; it’s about feeling a part of something bigger.

One moment you could be standing at Griffith Observatory, reliving the magic of "La La Land." The next, you might find yourself outside the luxurious hotel featured in "Pretty Woman." These tours don’t just show you places; they immerse you in stories. You’ll hear fascinating behind-the-scenes tales—how scenes were shot, challenges faced by crews, and trivia about your beloved characters.

What makes this experience even more special is capturing moments. Picture yourself in these famous settings—snapshots that not only serve as personal mementos but also amazing stories to share with friends and family.

Moreover, these tours cater to various interests. Whether you’re a fan of classic cinema or modern streaming hits, there’s something for everyone. It’s a chance to connect with fellow fans and maybe even spark new friendships over shared interests.

8. Play at Two Bit Circus, a high-tech micro-amusement park

play at two bit circus a high tech micro amusement park

Two Bit Circus brings a unique twist to the traditional arcade experience in Los Angeles. This high-tech micro-amusement park is not just about playing games; it’s an immersive adventure that combines physical and digital worlds in ways you’ve never imagined.

At this futuristic playground, visitors can challenge friends to innovative arcade games. These aren’t your typical video games; they blend the physical with the digital, creating a dynamic play environment where every move counts. Imagine stepping into a game where you’re not just pushing buttons but physically moving through spaces, dodging obstacles, or racing against time.

Another highlight of Two Bit Circus is its immersive story rooms. These are not simple escape rooms but complex narratives requiring teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills to unravel puzzles and mysteries. Each room transports you into a different world, ranging from deep space missions to detective stories set in noir-inspired landscapes.

And let’s not forget about the live entertainment! Two Bit Circus features robot bartenders that serve up unique cocktails, adding a futuristic flair to your drink experience. Watching these mechanical mixologists at work is an attraction in itself.

9. Hunt for rare comics and collectibles in Meltdown Comics (or its successor shops)

hunt for rare comics and collectibles in meltdown comics

Meltdown Comics has long been a haven for comic book lovers and collectors in Los Angeles. Though the iconic store has closed, its spirit lives on through successor shops that continue to offer rare comics, graphic novels, and collectibles. These places are treasure troves for those looking to rediscover childhood favorites or find new stories to dive into.

One of the best parts about visiting these comic havens is the chance to dig through bins filled with vintage comics. It’s like going on a treasure hunt where you never know what hidden gem you might uncover next. From limited edition graphic novels to memorabilia that brings back memories, there’s always something unique waiting to be found.

Moreover, these shops often host signings where fans can meet their favorite artists and writers face-to-face. Imagine getting your prized comic book signed by its creator; it’s an experience that elevates the value of the piece both emotionally and financially. Workshops and meet-ups also provide invaluable opportunities for learning from industry professionals and connecting with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion.

Celebrating fandom culture is another highlight of these destinations. Themed nights bring stories to life, while costume events allow fans to become part of their favorite universes for an evening. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about the world of comics, participating in these events can be incredibly fun and rewarding.

By exploring successor shops of Meltdown Comics, visitors not only honor the legacy of a Los Angeles landmark but also immerse themselves in vibrant communities built around love for comics and creativity.

10. Participate in a live-action role-playing (LARP) event in Griffith Park

participate in a live action role playing larp event in griffith park

Griffith Park becomes a gateway to fantasy worlds through live-action role-playing (LARP) events. Here, you’re not just playing a game; you’re stepping into the shoes of a character you create from scratch. Imagine transforming into a medieval knight, an elven mage, or any persona that sparks your imagination. The park’s vast landscapes serve as the perfect backdrop for these adventures.

Participants dive deep into epic storylines, where every decision impacts the unfolding narrative. It’s more than just swinging foam swords; it’s about engaging in complex plots that involve diplomacy, strategy, and sometimes deceit. You’ll find yourself solving intricate mysteries and navigating through political intrigue that tests both your wit and will.

What sets LARPing in Griffith Park apart is the community it fosters. You’ll meet people who share your enthusiasm for fantasy and storytelling. These events are breeding grounds for strong friendships formed in unique circumstances—battling side by side with someone can create bonds that last a lifetime.

Closing Thoughts

Los Angeles is a treasure trove for us nerds, offering everything from star-gazing at the Griffith Observatory to diving into the future with VR experiences. We’ve explored the city’s top spots for geeking out—from getting lost in a book maze, cheering at live tapings, to hunting down rare comics. Each adventure has not just been a visit but an immersion into worlds that fuel our passions and spark our imaginations.

So, what’s stopping us? Let’s grab our capes, don our favorite fandom tees, and dive headfirst into these nerdy escapades. Los Angeles awaits with open arms, ready to turn our geeky dreams into reality. Remember, every corner of this city has a story to tell and an experience to offer. Let’s make those stories ours. Ready for the next adventure?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Griffith Observatory free to visit?

Absolutely! You can explore the wonders of the universe without spending a dime on admission. It’s like stepping into a starship, but with your feet firmly on Earth.

Can I actually see the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center?

Yes, you can! The Space Shuttle Endeavour is proudly displayed for all visitors to marvel at. It’s like getting a backstage pass to space exploration history.

What makes The Last Bookstore unique?

The Last Bookstore isn’t just any bookstore; it’s a maze of literary treasures. With its Labyrinth of Books, it feels more like an adventure in Wonderland than a simple shop.

How do I attend a live TV show taping in Los Angeles?

Snagging tickets usually involves visiting the TV show’s official website or a ticket distribution site. It’s like winning golden tickets to Willy Wonka’s factory, but for TV!

What kind of VR experiences can I find in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles offers everything from immersive art installations to adrenaline-pumping action adventures in VR. It’s akin to teleporting into your favorite video game or movie scene.

Are there tours specifically for film and TV locations in LA?

Yes, there are several themed tours that whisk you away through iconic film and TV locations across LA. Imagine time-traveling through Hollywood history!

What is Two Bit Circus exactly?

Two Bit Circus is where technology meets fun in an arcade setting—it’s basically Disneyland for tech enthusiasts looking for interactive entertainment beyond traditional games.