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Discover the top-rated pubs in New York City for a memorable night out. From cozy neighborhood spots to trendy hotspots, find your perfect pint today!

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Attention, pub-goers in New York! Are you tired of endlessly searching for the best pubs in the city? Well, look no further, because we, a collective of pub enthusiasts, are here to guide you through the bustling streets of the Big Apple to discover the hidden gems that will satisfy your craving for an unforgettable night out. From the vibrant streets of Brooklyn to the heart of Manhattan, we have scoured every corner of this vibrant city to bring you the most enticing locations, the most captivating ambiance, the widest drink selection, and the most raving reviews. So, join us on this adventure as we unveil the secrets behind the best pubs in New York! Don’t wait too long, for the night is young and the city awaits your arrival. Get ready for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Key Takeaways

  • Location: Consider the neighborhood you want to explore to narrow down your options.
  • Atmosphere: Choose between lively and energetic or relaxed and intimate settings.
  • Cuisine and drinks: Pay attention to the menu and specialty offerings.
  • Entertainment options: Look for pubs with live music or other activities if you want extra fun.
  • Reviews and recommendations: Read online reviews and ask for recommendations from locals.
  • Average prices: Craft beer ranges from $8 to $12, cocktails from $10 to $15, and appetizers from $8 to $15.
  • Popular pubs: McSorley’s Old Ale House, The Dead Rabbit, Blind Tiger Ale House, Fraunces Tavern, and The Ginger Man are highly recommended.

The Best Pubs in New York: A Pub-Goer’s Guide

Welcome to Best in Hood, the go-to source for the best pubs in New York City! If you’re looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a pint of craft beer, catch up with friends over a game of darts, or simply unwind after a long day, you’ve come to the right place. With our team of firsthand experience reviewers, we’ve scoured the city to bring you the most charming, lively, and authentic pubs in the Big Apple. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, get ready to discover the finest pubs that New York has to offer. So grab a drink, sit back, and let us take you on a pub-hopping adventure through the city that never sleeps!

McSorley’s Old Ale House
15 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003, United States
4.7 ⭐️
The Dead Rabbit
30 Water St, New York, NY 10004, United States
4.7 ⭐️
P.J. Carney’s Pub
906 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States
4.4 ⭐️
Peter Dillon’s Pub
130 E 40th St, New York, NY 10016, United States
4.4 ⭐️
The Grafton
126 1st Ave., New York, NY 10009, United States
4.4 ⭐️

McSorley’s Old Ale House

McSorley’s Old Ale House is a historic pub located in New York City. Known for its old-school atmosphere and rich history, this establishment is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. With its sawdust-covered floors and walls adorned with decades worth of memorabilia, McSorley’s offers a unique experience that takes you back in time.


  • Authentic and atmospheric old-school pub
  • Friendly and welcoming staff
  • Affordable prices for both food and drinks
  • Extensive historical memorabilia on display
  • Simple yet enjoyable beer selection


  • Limited beer options (only light or dark)
  • Not the place for those seeking a wide variety of craft beers
  • Can get crowded during peak hours

Location: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ambiance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Drink Selection: ⭐⭐⭐
Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

McSorley’s Old Ale House excels in providing a truly authentic and immersive experience of a bygone era. The pub’s rich history, combined with its old-world charm and affordable prices, make it a must-visit spot for anyone looking to step back in time and enjoy a cold beer. While the beer selection may be limited, the atmosphere and welcoming staff more than make up for it. Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for a unique drinking experience, McSorley’s Old Ale House is definitely worth a visit.

Contact Details

Google Map URL
McSorley’s Old Ale House
15 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003, United States

The Dead Rabbit

The Dead Rabbit is a popular bar located in New York City. It offers a unique experience with a casual bar downstairs and a speakeasy-style cocktail bar called the Parlor on the second floor. The bar is known for its delicious drinks and friendly service. However, it is not wheelchair accessible. The Dead Rabbit is also famous for its history and old-time Irish pub atmosphere. It is a great spot to visit for a night out or a special occasion.

Location: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ambiance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Drink Selection: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What We Liked:

  • Delicious drinks with a wide selection to choose from.
  • Friendly and attentive service.
  • Unique atmosphere with a historic feel.
  • The upstairs Parlor bar provides a quieter and more intimate experience.
  • The food menu offers tasty dishes to complement the drinks.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The bar can get crowded and busy, especially during peak hours.
  • Not wheelchair accessible, which may limit accessibility for some individuals.
  • Small hiccups with service, such as missing utensils, but nothing major.
  • The presence of rats outside the entrance may be off-putting to some.
  • Some reviewers did not encounter any rabbits, contrary to the bar’s name.

In summary, The Dead Rabbit is a highly recommended bar in New York City, offering a unique and historic atmosphere, delicious drinks, and attentive service. While it may get busy and lacks wheelchair accessibility, these minor drawbacks are overshadowed by the overall enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, The Dead Rabbit is worth a visit for a memorable night out.

Contact Details

NameAddressGoogle Map URLWebsite
The Dead Rabbit30 Water St, New York, NY 10004, United StatesGoogle MapWebsite

P.J. Carney’s Pub

P.J. Carney’s Pub is a popular pub located in Manhattan. It offers a chilled atmosphere and a wide selection of food and drinks. We have compiled a list of pros and cons based on customer reviews to help you decide if this pub is worth a visit.

Location: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Ambiance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Drink Selection: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Overall Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

What We Liked:

  • Amazing cheeseburger sliders
  • Comfy and relaxing atmosphere
  • Affordable prices
  • Delicious wings
  • Great service

P.J. Carney’s Pub has received positive reviews for its delicious cheeseburger sliders, which are highly recommended by customers. The pub offers a relaxed and comfy ambiance, making it a great place to unwind after a long day. The prices are affordable, making it a good option for those looking for a budget-friendly pub in Manhattan. The wings are another standout dish, with customers praising their delicious flavor. The service at P.J. Carney’s Pub is also highly regarded, with the staff being described as friendly and attentive.

The main downside mentioned by customers is that the sandwiches are only average, not reaching the same level of excellence as the other dishes. However, overall, P.J. Carney’s Pub seems to be a great choice for those looking for a relaxed atmosphere, good food and drinks, and friendly service.

Contact Details

Google Map URL
P.J. Carney’s Pub
906 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States
(212) 664-0056

Peter Dillon’s Pub

Peter Dillon’s Pub is a popular midtown bar known for its friendly staff, cheap drinks, and lively atmosphere. With a pool table and multiple TVs for sports, it’s a great spot to relax and enjoy a drink. The bar also offers a happy hour, making it even more appealing to patrons. Overall, Peter Dillon’s Pub is a fun and affordable option for those looking for a good time in the area.

Location: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)
Ambiance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Drink Selection: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
Overall Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)

What We Liked

  • Friendly staff
  • Cheapest drink offers
  • Free pool
  • Great atmosphere
  • Happy hour

What We Didn’t Like

  • No mention of food quality
  • Can get loud
  • Limited food options (based on assumption)

In summary, Peter Dillon’s Pub is a fantastic choice for those looking for an affordable and lively bar experience in midtown. The friendly staff, cheap drinks, and free pool make it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. While there may be some noise and limited food options, the overall atmosphere and drink selection make up for it.

The Grafton

The Grafton is a bar located in the East Village of New York City. Known for its friendly atmosphere and accommodating staff, it attracts both locals and visitors alike. With a focus on sports and a wide selection of drinks, it provides a welcoming environment for patrons to relax and enjoy their time.


  • Friendly and accommodating staff
  • Welcoming atmosphere for solo patrons
  • Good selection of drinks
  • Sports on TV for sports enthusiasts
  • Clean and well-maintained bathroom


  • $15 card minimum may be inconvenient for those who only want one drink
  • Seating area in the back can be crowded and subject to foot traffic

Rating scores:

  • Location: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Ambiance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Drink selection: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall score: 4/5

The Grafton provides a welcoming and enjoyable experience for patrons looking to relax and have a good time. With friendly staff, a good selection of drinks, and sports on TV, it caters to a variety of tastes. However, the $15 card minimum and the crowded seating area in the back could be potential drawbacks for some customers. Overall, The Grafton is a solid choice for those looking for a bar in the East Village.

Contact Details

Google Map URL
The Grafton
126 1st Ave., New York, NY 10009, United States
(212) 228-8580

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Pub in New York City

When it comes to finding the best pubs in New York City, the options can seem endless. With so many establishments to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go for a night out. But fear not, pub-goers! We’re here to help you navigate the bustling pub scene and find the perfect spot for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the best pubs in the Big Apple:

  1. Location, location, location: Consider the area in which you want to enjoy a drink. New York City is divided into different neighborhoods, each with its own unique vibe. Whether you’re looking for a trendy pub in Williamsburg, a cozy spot in the West Village, or a lively bar in Midtown, knowing the neighborhood you want to explore will help narrow down your options.
  2. Atmosphere: Think about the type of atmosphere you’re seeking. Do you want a lively and energetic pub with a buzzing crowd? Or are you in the mood for a more relaxed and intimate setting? Pubs in New York City come in all shapes and sizes, so consider the ambiance that suits your mood and preferences.
  3. Cuisine and drinks: If you’re a foodie, pay attention to the pub’s menu. Some pubs in the city offer a variety of delicious dishes to accompany your drink, while others may focus more on the bar experience. Similarly, if you have a specific drink preference, such as craft beer or signature cocktails, look for pubs that specialize in those offerings.
  4. Entertainment options: Are you looking for a pub that offers more than just drinks and food? Some pubs in New York City host live music performances, trivia nights, or even karaoke. If you want to add some extra fun to your night out, consider pubs that provide entertainment options that align with your interests.
  5. Reviews and recommendations: Before making a decision, take the time to read online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or locals. Websites like Best in Hood can be a valuable resource for finding the best pubs in New York City. Pay attention to what others have to say about the pub’s atmosphere, service, and overall experience to get a better sense of what to expect.

Remember, the best pub for you is ultimately a matter of personal preference. What might be the perfect spot for one person may not suit another’s taste. By considering factors like location, atmosphere, cuisine, entertainment options, and reviews, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best pub in New York City that aligns with your preferences. Cheers to a great night out in the Big Apple!

The Cost of Best Pubs in New York

New York City is known for its vibrant pub scene, offering a wide variety of craft beer, delicious cocktails, and a lively atmosphere. But how much can you expect to spend at the best pubs in the city? Let’s take a closer look at the average costs you can expect when visiting these iconic establishments.

When it comes to pub prices, it’s important to consider several factors. The location of the pub, the type of drinks and food offered, and even the time of day can all influence the cost of your night out.

To give you a better idea of the average prices, we have prepared a table with some common items you might find on a pub menu:

Average Price
Craft Beer
House Wine
Mixed Drinks
Fish and Chips

Please note that these prices are averages and can vary depending on the specific pub you visit. Some pubs may offer happy hour specials or daily deals, so it’s always a good idea to check their website or call ahead for more information.

Additionally, keep in mind that New York City has a tipping culture, and it’s customary to leave a gratuity of around 15-20% of your total bill. This should be factored into your overall budget for the night.

Now that you have a better idea of the cost of visiting the best pubs in New York, you can plan your night out accordingly. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere or a lively pub with live music, there are options for every budget in the city that never sleeps. So gather your friends, raise your glasses, and enjoy the vibrant pub scene that New York has to offer!


1. What are the best pubs in New York?

The best pubs in New York offer a unique experience for pub-goers. Some of the top-rated pubs in the city include McSorley’s Old Ale House, The Dead Rabbit, Blind Tiger Ale House, Fraunces Tavern, and The Ginger Man.

2. What makes a pub stand out in New York?

A pub that stands out in New York typically has a combination of factors, such as a wide selection of craft beers and spirits, a cozy and inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious food options. These pubs often have a unique character and charm that sets them apart from other establishments.

3. Are there any pubs in New York with live music?

Yes, there are several pubs in New York that offer live music. Some popular choices include Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar, The Bitter End, Arlene’s Grocery, and The Red Lion. These venues often showcase local talent and provide an enjoyable atmosphere for music lovers.

4. Can you recommend any pubs in New York with outdoor seating?

Certainly! If you’re looking for pubs with outdoor seating in New York, consider checking out The Folly, The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites, Houston Hall, The Pony Bar, and Clinton Hall. These pubs provide a great opportunity to enjoy your drinks and socialize in an outdoor setting.

5. What are some good pubs in New York for watching sports?

New York has numerous pubs that are perfect for watching sports. Some popular choices include Stout NYC, The Ainsworth, The Liberty NYC, The Winslow, and The Australian NYC. These pubs often have multiple screens, an energetic atmosphere, and a wide selection of drinks and food to enjoy while cheering on your favorite team.

Conclusion: Unwind and Indulge at New York’s Finest Pubs

In a city as vibrant as New York, finding a place to unwind and enjoy a pint can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve explored the 5 best pubs in the city, ensuring you have a memorable experience every time.

From the cozy and historic ambiance of McSorley’s Old Ale House to the lively and energetic atmosphere of The Dead Rabbit, these pubs offer something for every pub-goer. Whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur or a fan of classic cocktails, these establishments have you covered.

What sets these pubs apart is not just their impressive drink selections, but also their commitment to providing top-notch service and a welcoming environment. The knowledgeable staff and friendly patrons create a sense of community that makes you feel right at home.

On your next night out, consider visiting Fraunces Tavern for a trip back in time, or head to The Ginger Man for their extensive beer list. For a taste of Ireland in the heart of New York, Molly’s Shebeen is the place to be. And if you’re looking for a little bit of everything, The Jeffrey is sure to satisfy.

New York’s pub scene is a testament to the city’s diversity and rich history. These pubs have stood the test of time, and each one has its own unique charm. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, make sure to add these pubs to your list of must-visit places in the city.

So next time you’re in the Big Apple and need a break from the hustle and bustle, head to one of these best pubs in New York. Sit back, relax, and indulge in the delicious drinks and warm atmosphere that these establishments have to offer. Cheers!

Unearthing the Gems: Our Journey to Discover the Finest Pubs in New York

At Best in Hood, we embarked on an exhilarating quest to uncover the absolute best pubs in New York City. Combining our passion for great drinks, vibrant atmospheres, and excellent service, we meticulously curated a list of the most exceptional establishments that are sure to captivate even the most discerning pub-goers.

Research: Our rigorous research process involved delving deep into the city’s bustling pub scene. We scoured online platforms, expert reviews, and local recommendations to gather a comprehensive understanding of the top contenders. By analyzing customer feedback and studying the unique offerings of each establishment, we were able to identify the true gems that deserved a place on our coveted list.

Visits: Armed with our list of potential winners, we embarked on an exciting journey across the diverse neighborhoods of New York City. From the trendy streets of Brooklyn to the vibrant avenues of Manhattan, we left no stone unturned in our pursuit of the ultimate pub experience. With each visit, we savored the distinct flavors of the establishment, assessed the quality of their beverages, and soaked in the ambiance to ensure an authentic and memorable pub-going experience.

Criteria: To determine the best pubs in New York, we meticulously evaluated each establishment based on a set of comprehensive criteria. These criteria included factors such as the quality and variety of their drink offerings, the knowledge and friendliness of the staff, the overall atmosphere and vibe, and the value for money provided to patrons. By applying these stringent standards, only the cream of the crop made it onto our final list.

Expert Opinion: In addition to our own experiences, we also consulted with industry experts and seasoned pub enthusiasts to gather their insights and opinions. This collaborative approach helped us ensure that our selection process was well-rounded and reflected the diverse tastes and preferences of pub-goers across the city.

Unveiling the Best: After countless visits, careful evaluations, and extensive deliberation, we proudly present to you our definitive guide to the best pubs in New York City. Each establishment on our list has earned its place through its commitment to providing an extraordinary pub experience, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable night out.

So, whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite haunt or a visitor eager to explore New York’s vibrant pub culture, trust in our meticulous selection process to guide you to the city’s finest drinking establishments. Cheers to an unforgettable pub adventure!